Over the last five years, Optometry has seen an explosion of new contact lens materials and designs. It is now possible to fit almost anybody into a set of contact lenses if they so desire. Contact lenses used  in mainstream ten years ago are now obsolete and have been replaced with superior materials which allow better oxygen transmissibility, bind better to your tear layer and have more advanced optical designs. Somebody who failed to successfully wear contact lenses a decade ago will most like succeed now.

One of the areas in contact lenses which has seen the biggest increase in options is the bifocal or progressive contact lens group. It is now possible to fit a big portion of the over forties group who suffer from Presbyopia with a pair of progressive contact lenses.

The freedom that these lenses offer to an active person is priceless. Imagine being able to scuba dive and see your dive watch, or play a round of golf and be able to read the menu on the 19th without having to wear glasses. As for the ladies, the biggest advantage is applying makeup and seeing what you are doing!

So if you are over forty and your arms are getting to short ask for progressive contact lenses at your next eye examination. Who knows, it might change your life!