Spectacles are slowly starting to become “cooler”. This thought occurred to me as I was partaking in one of my usual pastimes. Oh, who am I kidding? My obsession then, gaming.

The game in question was called “Bayonetta” made by a company called “Platinum Games” and produced by “SEGA”

It features a sexy gun-wielding witch anti-heroin, who wears spectacles, and occasionally little else. She takes on a “heavenly order” of sorts who seem hell bent on eliminating her. It’s therefore clearly marketed at a more adult audience.

It struck me as different from the rest of the gaming culture for the reason that almost all the characters wear spectacles. To me it seems like quite a leap, because not only do the spectacles themselves fit within the current trend of fashion, but the characters themselves do not nearly fall within the norm of videogame culture as being “nerds” or “geeks”.

I’ve added some pictures, I think her glasses are extremely cool.

Bayonetta female character wearing glasses

Bayonetta female character wearing fashion eye wear

Bayonetta female character wearing fashion eyewear

Female Bayonetta gaming character wearing trendy eye glasses

With all the gaming knowledge I have amassed, not once has there been a use of spectacles that has ever been seen as stylish or a “cool” as this. Almost every other gaming iteration of a spectacled character has been a depiction of a “nerd” or “geek”.

My first memory of such a character was from a game also published by “SEGA” called “Comix Zone” where the hero gets sucked into his own comic-book creation, and has to fight his way back out. The hero wears small round-lens spectacles, similar to the “Lennin” look. Not as all flattering.

That’s just it isn’t it? Where has the “cool” hero of any movie ever worn spectacles? And don’t dare say Superman. Superman never wore glasses. It was his dorky alter-ego Clark Kent, and what’s more, he wore the glasses to look even more dorky.

How is it, that with so many of the population wearing spectacles that there isn’t an icon to stand out from the crowd?