With the Titan New Wave Silhouette introduces an modern upper bar frame to its Titan Minimal Art series. Many of the merits of the Titan New Wave are familiar including the pleasure of unrestricted vision, the advantages of light weight and optimum wearing comfort.

The hingeless design that has contributed to the worldwide success of Silhouette is found here along with high-tech titanium metal.  Thanks to it’s high flexibility, this intelligent material guarantees supreme wearing comfort while the two-component tips add their own accent.

The Titan New Wave is marked with a signature top bar that was created with pioneering, integrated nylon threat.  Especially developed by Silhouette the nylon threat is drawn through the inside of the top bar with maximum precision, providing for an invisible and minimalistic mounting of the lens in the top bar.  Aesthetically, there are practical advantages to this new mounting system as there is permeant hold on the lenses with no screws.

The ergonomically shaped top bar comforms harmoniously to the natural form of the eyebrows and face.  To cater for personal preferences, there are four models with expressive, rectangular lenses in a variety of colour.

Silhouette Titian New Wave eyewear models