We stock a comprehensive range of contact lens care, cleaning solutions and artificial teardrops. There are many different products on the market, each with its unique benefits.  If you are unsure which product is right for you, please talk to one of our friendly optometrists who will be happy to assist.

Contact lens cleaning solutions

It is crucial that ALL contact lenses be cleaned and disinfected before it is placed on the eye.  With soft contact lenses, there are two different types of solutions available on the market.  One is the range of multi-purpose solutions which is commonly used and the other is the hydrogen peroxide solutions.  With rigid (gas permeable) lenses, a two-step cleaning system or alternatively the hydrogen peroxides systems can be used.

Multi-purpose solutions

Multipurpose solutions are an all-in-one solution to clean, disinfect and store soft contact lenses with. Recent research indicates that certain brands of cleaning solutions perform better with certain types of contact lenses.  It is thus important that the correct brand of contact lens solution is matched up with the type of contact lens you are wearing. Examples of multi-purpose solutions are Solo, Complete, ReNu, BioTrue and Optifree.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions

Oxysept Peroxide cleanerHydrogen Peroxide is a more effective contact lens cleaner and disinfectant compared to above mentioned multi-purpose solutions. The lens does, however, need to be neutralised before the contact lens can be inserted into the eye.

People with eye allergies or who are prone to eye infections, normally respond better to Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners. Another advantage is persons who simultaneously wear both soft and rigid contact lenses, as in the piggyback system found with Keratoconus fitting, can clean both sets of lenses at the same time with the hydrogen peroxide system.

Examples of hydrogen peroxide are AOsept and OxySept.

Rigid contact lens solutions

These solutions are specifically formulated to clean Rigid Gas Permeable lenses. They are a two-step system consisting of a daily cleaner and a soaking solution. Examples of RGP cleaners are Total Care, Boston Advance Plus and OptiSoak.

Saline solutionsLens Plus saline solution

It is important to note that saline solution does not disinfect contact lenses. Saline solutions are only used as a rinsing agent before the contact lenses are inserted into the eye.

Examples of saline solutions are the Bausch & Lomb saline solution and the AMO Lens Plus saline solution.

One important advantage of Lens Plus is the preservative in the solution breaks down when the solution exits the bottle ensuring sterile but unpreserved solution coming into contact with the lens and the eye. This is beneficial for people who are prone to allergies and those wearing scleral lenses.

Artificial teardrops

Artificial tears are extremely beneficial for all types of dry eye conditions and contact lens wear.  Charl Laäs Optometrists stock a full range of contact lens friendly re-wetting drops



Optive product range

Through its unique formulation, Optive™ Eye Drops deliver both lubrication and Osmoprotection to the cornea for long-lasting symptom relief of dry eyes.  This dual-action formula allows OPTIVE™ to not only lubricate the eye surface but also help restore ocular surface health. We recommend Optive for all contact lens wearers and people suffering from evaporative dry eye condition like extended computer use, long-distance driving and low humidity work environments.  Optive is available in 5 mL, and 10 mL bottles and Single Dose Unit (SDU) packs.


Systane eye dropsSystane® Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops offer high-performance dry eye symptom relief through a unique delivery system that provides soothing comfort and is clinically proven to deliver extended protection and relief that lasts.

Systane® Balance supports your natural tears’ lipid layer and has the proven power to provide lasting relief from the symptoms of dry eye.

We recommend Systane for people suffering from inflammatory related and Meibomian gland disease dry eye.  Systane is available in a 10 mL bottle and Single Dose Units (SDU) packs.


Xialin eyedropsThe Xailin Fresh is a preservative-free lubricant eye drop in single-dose vials for patients with intermittent or persistent dry eye in ocular surface damage. Xailin Fresh soothes and relieves dry eyes and may also be used as a contact lens hydrating solution.

The Xailin Night is a preservative-free lubricating eye ointment used to protect corneal tissue overnight in dry eye patients. A combination of ingredients creates a transparent, lubricating shield that protects corneal tissue against moisture loss when the lacrimal film is unstable.  Xailin Night provides soothing overnight relief for intensely irritated dry eyes.

The Xailin Gel is a multi-dose eye gel in a tube used to lubricate and protect the eye in certain eye conditions and provide long-lasting relief from dry eye sensations.


TheraTearsTheraTears® Dry Eye Therapy has a unique hypo-tonic and electrolyte balanced formula that replicates healthy tears.

The single-use vials are preservative free and come in a foil pouch to ensure they are as fresh as natural tears.

The TheraTears single-use vials are also perfect for scleral lens insertion and are a great problem solver for scleral lens wearers who present with allergic reactions to other insertion solutions.