On 26 January 2015, Johnson and Johnson announced that they will no longer be supplying the Acuvue two weekly disposable contact lens brand in South Africa.

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Johnson & Johnson Vision Care closing its division in South Africa
[panel-content]Johannesburg, Jan. 26, 2015 – Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has announced it is closing its division in South Africa in early 2015.

This decision was made after a long and thoughtful review of its business and after exploring a number of options in South Africa.  Johnson & Johnson Vision Care understand this news is very disappointing for both eye care professionals and contact lens wearers, and is working closely with customers to ensure minimal disruption during this transition.

In order to provide ongoing support during the transition period, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care encourage eye care professionals to contact their local customer services representative for further information.[/panel-content][/panel]

“Sales and shipping of the Acuvue contact lenses will stop from the 6th March 2015” confirmed Laura Nel who is the corporate affairs manager of Johnson and Johnson, South Africa. According to her it will only be Johnson and Johnson’s Vision Care products that will be affected with Acuvue the only product of the devision.

The decision was made after analysing the viability of the product in Africa.  According to information given by the sales representatives, the African market is too small for the company and the ever increasing exchange rate is not making it viable to distribute the product in South Africa.

Local distributer of Acuvue lenses, eOptics later released this communication to Optometrists:

Dear customer

We have recently been informed by Johnson & Johnson that Vision Care will be closing operations in South Africa, with supply of Acuvue being stopped by March 6th, 2015 to their customers.

This naturally comes as a huge shock, as we have invested significantly in our business structure over the past few years, so as to ensure the appropriate service levels to you, our customer. Very importantly, this also impacts your business, and most importantly it impacts your patients who use, rely and trust the Acuvue brand by Johnson & Johnson.

We believe we have an obligation to the people, your patients who use the product, to ensure continued supply of the product for as long as possible. As a distributor, our notice period extends beyond the above date. So as a result we are able to, and will continue supply of Acuvue for a longer period of time.

We are currently pursuing alternative options that include facilitating the above and will advise you accordingly.

The e Optics Team

We know this comes as a shock to many people, but we would like to asure our patients that we have alternative contact lenses available and that we should have no problem to assist you in transitioning to other contact lens brands.

Should you have any queries please contact us on 021 976 8046.