At Charl Laäs Optometrists, our friendly team of optical dispensers make sure that our patients get the best optical service and advice.

We have two dispensing rooms to ensure all our patients’ get individual attention and professional service by one of our dispensers.  In total, both dispensing rooms are stocked with over a thousand spectacle frames making sure that we can meet all fashion tastes and budget requirements.  Brands that we carry include sophisticated ranges like Silhouette, Blackfin and Nine West, sporty ranges like Nike and Addidas and for the fashion connoisseur ranges like Tom Ford, Swarovski and Gucci to name but a few.  We also have sport specific sunglasses and for the ultimate in sunglass technology we stock Maui Jim sunglasses.

Good service, expert advice and a wide selection of optical eyewear ensure that our patients walk out of the practice with a smile.

What we do

Frame fitting measurement taken with iPad appThe optical dispensers are trained to interpreting refraction prescriptions issued by our optometrists and ophthalmologist. By considering the patient’s prescription, working environment and lifestyle they can provide tailored advice in frame and lens choice.

Making use of sophisticated electronic pupillometry instruments, the unique frame and facial measurements of our patients are taken.  These measurements are critical to ensuring that the ophthalmic lenses are correctly designed, glazed and fitted into the chosen frame.

On collection, the final fitting and frame adjustment is done with the patient to ensure the spectacle fits comfortably and accurately. For new wearers, advice is given on wear and care for their new spectacles and reminded to bring the spectacles back for regular service and adjustments.

Should the spectacle frame ever get misaligned or broken during its use, the dispensers can assist you with adjustments or repairs where necessary.

Behind the scenes

Nick checking the quality of the lensAfter the frame and lens selections are completed, and measurements are taken, the ophthalmic lenses are ordered from one of our top international lens manufacturers like Hoya, Zeiss, and Essilor.

All the measurements taken during dispensing, coupled with the frame shape and prescription, is given to the manufacturers via an online order system.  Using sophisticated design software, each progressive ophthalmic lens is then designed based on the patient’s unique requirements.  Once completed the lenses are sent to our practice via an international courier.

When the ordered lenses arrive at our in-house glazing lab, they are thoroughly checked to make sure all the required specifications are met including prescription, lens type and coatings.
Lens being glazed in Nidek Lex 1000 edger

The lenses are marked up according to the measurements taken prior with the patient and with the aid of the Nidek ICE intelligent blocker the lenses are centered and blocked ready for glazing.  The frame shape is also electronically traced into the state of the art Nidek Lex 1000 edger. With all the fitting measurements fed into the glazing software, the lenses are then glazed, guided by the electronic edging software to ensure that each lens will fit perfectly into the frame.

The Nidek Lex 1000 edger allow us to fit standard, semi-rimless (nylor) and full rimless frames on the premises, giving the dispenser complete control of each lens being glazed. Keeping the complete glazing process in-house ensures each ophthalmic lens fit is customized to allow for the best fitting aesthetics coupled with a secure, snug fit in all types of frames including hand manufactures acetate frames.

Lens CheckingOnce the glazing process is completed, each lens is safety beveled to ensure no fine chips or cracks will develop when the lenses are mounted in the frame. After final assembly, the spectacle is cleaned in a sonic jewelers bath and send for final checking.

Our quality controller performs a 15 point quality control check to ensure the prescription is accurate, the correct lens material, design type and coating was used, the dispensing measurements are met within a 1.00 mm tolerance margin, the frame is aligned, the hinges are oiled and that the lenses are scratch free.  When everything is perfect the patient is notified that their spectacles are ready.