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When will glasses become cool?

Spectacles are slowly starting to become “cooler”. This thought occurred to me as I was partaking in one of my usual pastimes. Oh, who am I kidding? My obsession then, gaming. The game in question was called “Bayonetta” made by a company called “Platinum Games” and produced by “SEGA” It features a sexy gun-wielding witch […]

Technology and vision

So, it turns out a lot has happened since my last blog entry. I have been paying much attention to the integration of mechanics, electronics and human physiology recently. Curiously, most of it started after I went to see a movie, “Avatar” in 3D. It filled my head with all sorts of possibilities and ideas. […]

Fitting of lenses – closer to perfection

Fitting of spectacles started in earnest again today. A variety of fit types were to be completed, but there was one that required more time than the others today.  From the outset it seemed pretty straightforward, but I reasoned that it would cause problems and so attempted to improve on my fitting accuracy. The lens […]